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Heavy! Honeycomb Energy's world's first quaternary and cobalt-free battery
07 -09

On July 9th, Honeycomb Energy held a brand strategic plan and product launch conference in Baoding with the theme of “Leading the Guardian of the Times”.


At the meeting, Yang Hongxin, general manager of Honeycomb Energy, further clarified the concept of the era of the era: "The era of stacking is characterized by the lamination process of new technologies, new materials, new processes, new standards, and the era of electric vehicles. ”


Today's first cobalt-free materials and quaternary material batteries are representative of the new materials of the era. In view of the two major safety and cost challenges facing the power battery industry, Honeycomb Energy has given two new product solutions to lead the industry's vane.

The trend of electrification is forced to innovate in power battery technology

"Electrical, intelligent, networked, and shared" has become the main direction of the transformation and upgrading of the global automotive industry, and has entered a new stage of superimposed integration, mutual empowerment, and accelerated development. The automobile industry is ushered in a century-old change.


On the journey of the car revolution, the electrification is the first step. At the just-concluded 2019 World New Energy Vehicle Conference, the major players in the global automotive industry reached a consensus: to strive for a global market share of 50% for new energy vehicles by 2035, and the global automotive industry has basically achieved a motorized transformation.

The safety and cost of power batteries is the industrial pain point that needs to be solved urgently. The safety is the bottom line for the development of electric vehicles. It is also the top priority for consumers. Whether the cost can be reduced directly affects whether electric vehicles can really be fueled. The car is on the market PK. Under the high pressure of safety and cost, the power battery and industrial chain enterprises are constantly exploring new directions based on the existing material system.


Honeycomb Energy Releases World's First Cobalt-Free Battery

In the existing ternary system of lithium-ion power batteries, the cost of the cathode material accounts for 30% to 45%, of which, in the case of the 523 system, cobalt accounts for 20% of the total, as a strategic resource, cobalt. Price fluctuations will directly affect the cost of the final battery.


Therefore, under the premise of high nickel system consensus, international mainstream power battery companies including Panasonic, LG, and Ningde Times are using low-cobalt and cobalt-free batteries as the next-generation power battery research and development direction.


Based on the above background, as the most knowledgeable automotive battery expert, Honeycomb Energy has officially released the world's first battery-based product based on cobalt-free materials based on forward-looking research and development of material systems.


Regarding the key technology of cobalt-free, Honeycomb Energy has completed research and development, and the cobalt-free battery products of Honeycomb Energy were officially established in March 2018. The reversibility and structural stability of the cobalt-free material during charge and discharge were improved by doping technology. The voltage platform reached 3.87V, which was 0.04V (3.83V) higher than 811.

The world's first quaternary battery balances energy density and safety

The pursuit of higher endurance of electric vehicles by the main engine factory has made the high nickelization of the power battery become the industry consensus. However, how to balance the safety performance after the energy density is improved is a problem that the current industrial chain must face.


Professor Ouyang Minggao, a professor at Tsinghua University and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, clearly pointed out that one of the most urgent tasks at present is how to raise the safety balance to an energy density of 300 Wh/kg.


Based on the above trends, Honeycomb Energy is the first to develop a quaternary cathode material, and based on this material, released the world's first quaternary material cell.


The quaternary material developed by Honeycomb Energy is doped with Mx on the basis of NCM system. Mx doping will increase the boundary strength between primary particles, thus reducing the formation of micro-gap during the harmful phase transition. It has better cycle performance than NCM811 material, and it can achieve better heat resistance, less gas production and higher safety. The ultimate in power batteries is higher capacity, longer life and better safety.