Adlai Nortye signed a cooperation agreement to develop IDO inhibitor

September 25, 2017, Adlai Nortye and Suzhou Guokuang Pharmaceutical Inc. signed a cooperation agreement to develop and commercialize IDO small molecular inhibitor. The IDO project has progressed to the stage of pre-clinical candidates. The IND is anticipated to be filed in the end of 2018.

IDO refers to the indoleamine 2,3 dioxygenase, which is the rate limiting enzyme of tryptophan bolism in the human body, and the key of immune regulation in tumor immune response inhibition enzyme. Tumor cells usually overexpress IDO and induce immune tolerance of the human immune system, thus escaping the surveillance and killing of the human immune system. Related scientific experiments have shown that IDO inhibitors can inhibit excessive of IDO, thereby enabling immune cells to restore activity and kill tumor cells more effectively. IDO is considered to be one of the most promising targets in the field of tumor immunotherapy.